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Joe - DMThac0

Greetings everyone!

About 1986, my brother and I were digging through our collection of games, bored and looking for something to do. Hidden deep within the recesses of the piles of games was this blue box with with a dragon on it and what looked like a knight and a wizard. We didn't know at the the time how much this game was going to become something we loved and would play for the rest of our foreseeable future.

When I'm not working, practicing martial arts, or being an adult, I spend my time working on almost anything D&D/TTRPG related. I've created spreadsheets which generate NPCs, adventures, loot tables, or even magic shop inventories. I've almost finished a spreadsheet that will allow anyone to create custom monsters based on the rules of D&D. I am also trying to write up the Adventures of Loromir game as a setting for people to play in.

I love talking about anything, especially D&D, feel free to come find me on Twitter, join me on Dragons Discourse every Monday at 8pm cst, or message Dragons in the Dining Room on different social medial platforms.

You can even email me at: dragonsinthediningroom@gmail.com

Gabrielle - DMLoxy

Darian - Naivara

Tehya - Otterly Adorable

Angela - BardintheNorth