Welcome to the Dining Room

What is Dragons in the Dining Room?

Dragons in the Dining Room is a live, actual play, Dungeons & Dragons stream you can watch on Twitch. We are a group of regular people who have come together to play the wonderful game of Dungeons and Dragons, and decided to share it with you. We also have a stream dedicated to you, the viewer, to learn about table top games and have the ability to ask questions about almost anything Dungeons & Dragons.

One of the biggest things about this stream is that we are not "putting on a show", we are playing a game and hanging out with each other, and our viewers. We decided, shortly after the stream started, that we weren't going to hide our table antics from the lime light. If there is a dispute, if there's a major announcement, if we have to stop the game because a kid or dog gets sick, you get to see it. You also get to sit in on the puns, sing-a-longs, innuendos, and other shenanigans, as we can get really silly during our games. It really is just about hanging out and letting you see what happens when a bunch of weirdos sit down and play make believe!

The Beginnings

A few years ago, in a dining room not so far away, six friends sat down and started playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Joe had created what is known as a "homebrew" game, the world, some of the rules, and all of the stories were made up from scratch. Late in 2018 he then approached the group and asked them if they would be interested in streaming the games. There was much deliberation and then nothing, the idea simmered in limbo for a while until one fateful day, and a bit of impatience. We started with an HP Pavillion laptop, a Logitech c615 web cam for the DM, two Logitech c920 web cams for the players, and a Snowball Ice microphone. January 12th, 2019, Joe turned on his laptop, fired up OBS, and the first Adventures of Loromir stream went live for the world to see. Since then Gabrielle, Joe's wife, has been gracious enough to give up the dining room to allow the world, and all those stupid wires, to take over, especially since we now have 6 games and a few new people running them.

We have always felt that our viewers and friends are the biggest part of what makes DitDir. We started making channel commands so viewers could impact what was happening during the streams. TwiztedDrake, a good friend of ours and streamer, helped transition the back end of our stream and adding elements to the overlay. Our local game store, Double Dane Games, is run by another good friend and has provided many of the miniatures and give away items that we've used. We've had fellow streamers come together with us and create a team, Hero Approved, so that we can stream together and promote each other as a community. We've made friends with our sponsor, Legend Craft, a new Anime/Comic Convention, DuluCon, and a local charity, Second Harvest. We may be the ones playing the game, but you, our viewers and friends, make the stream so much more fun.

Our Goals and Future

We hope to continue to grow our community, give more content for TTRPG games, find new ways to include our viewers in what we do, and start attending more events, such as cons and virtual cons. We have an amazing group of people who join us for our streams, it makes our games so much more fun with all the jokes and interactions that come with it. We are reaching out on social media platforms, talking to you all on Discord, and we would love to see more people join us for the fun. We've already implemented commands in Twitch chat so that you can interact with the game directly. Now we're looking at hosting games with you, the viewers, so that you can play the game with us, or your friends, using Virtual Table Top software. We want to get out there and meet you, hang out, talk, and get to know our viewers!

As we get the ability, we will be upgrading our equipment and even changing the layout of the room, and cameras, we use. There's something to be said about presentation; from when we first started, to where we are today, you can see a big difference, and it really makes the stream better. We've already changed the layout of the screen you watch, branded our Dit Dir theme, to make it look cleaner and more uniform. We will, eventually, be getting a dedicated game room with the cameras in better locations, better audio, and even get the décor set up to fit the TTRPG theme. It all takes time and money, but we're working on it. Your support, suggestions, and following motivates us to do whatever we can to help make this great. We're still learning and we're still working on making this as much fun for you as it is for us.