Hero Approved

Hero Approved is a dedicated community of Streamers looking to push the boundaries of what is possible for live streaming.

We are all Hero Approved due to our dedication to our community, our craft, and our fellow Hero Approved streams.

To learn more and join the HA community: https://discord.gg/RZky6tf

Welcome to our show! We are a D&D variety channel, we dress up in full costumes, do voice acting and chat powers the stream! Our goal is to put on a great show, make you laugh and create a fun community anyone can be apart of!

Spooky punk girl. Artist, unicorn and overall weirdo đź–¤ Self taught artist and Diy enthusiast. Ask me about commissions! Here to make art and to be a positive force in the world!

Come jump in the hole! Playing video games, Magic the Gathering, Final Fantasy XIV, Dungeons and Dragons, and so much more!

Jeff Foulsham. ComicBook Author and Artist. TRPG Gamemaster and Addict.

Surprise son, go rake the yard! I'm a Hero Approved streamer who plays D&D as well as a plethora of games! Hop on in and enjoy the ride!