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Show your love for Dit Dir our lovable little mascot!

The merch store has a large selection of items that display our mascot in various ways. A coffee mug, phone case, shirt, onsie for your baby DM, blanket, socks, and so much more! Whatever you find, we're sure you'll be happy, and who can resist those big green eyes?

As we continue on, more items will become available so you can show off your insider status with merch that displays inside jokes, bad puns, and other goofy things which we turn into a wearable, or carry-able, something that you can show off.

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Patreon, perks, and more!

If you wish to help support us and want to get a perk in return, we have Patreon. A small donation and you'll see your name up on the screen! Do you want to create something to be used in one of our games? We have a tier where you can create an NPC which we will use. Then there's the biggest draw, we even offer the ability to join in on a game in later tiers! You'll even gain access to YouTube videos early at higher tiers. All of these tiers give you access to our Discord server as well.

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Tip your dragons!

Small donations to Dit Dir's hoard are always nice. If you don't want to have the monthly subscription of Patreon and still want to help the stream, here's the place to do it. Drop a coin in the tip jar, leave a note, we'll probably give you thanks on air because you are awesome!

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